This is the world’s most extraordinary day trip! We switch onto our specialist polar plane and fly 5 hours over the mighty Southern Ocean. Soaring past thousands of icebergs, we cross into 24-hours continuous sunshine and onto the last continent – Antarctica!

We spend 4 hours on the ground, experiencing the deep interior of the continent and some of planet Earth’s most surreal scenery. Surrounded by 3,000ft pinnacles of rock that rise vertically out of the ice, we do a gentle trek to the summit of ‘Birdfall’ mountain, followed by a journey to a subterranean cave filled with ice crystals. To finish, we have a glass of champagne in the world’s most southerly ice bar!

For those that wish to experience more, there is the option to stay a further 4 days in Antarctica.


Even now, so few humans get to step onto the actual continent of Antarctica. The name symbolises true, untamed wilderness and a chance for humans to reconnect with nature and to truly appreciate the vastness of our planet.

The Seventh Continent is a fitting finale to our World tour. Whilst we’re not allowed to remove anything from Antarctica, it will give you memories that will remain for the rest of your life.


Spectacular views await you at the summit of ‘Birdfall’ mountain. This is the deep field of Antarctica and a landscape so rarely seen by humans. After the short walk, our specialist 6×6 vehicles will drive you to the entrance of a mighty crevasse before we celebrate in the ice bar.


An additional 5 days in Antarctica
Price: 37,000 USD per person*
Date: 2-7 February 2025
*more day-to-day information provided upon request


Inspired by astronauts and used by explorers, Echo Base is utterly unique. Each Sky Pod is equipped with expansive floor-to-ceiling windows which connects you to the lunar landscape outside.

Like a setting from a spaceship, the lounge is called thE ‘decompression chamber’ as it’s the perfect place to relax.

A stunning Anthony James sculpture dominates the cocktail bar where we serve drinks with 10,000 year old ice.


Our flagship camp, Whichaway, is so named because when our founder was looking for a place to build the camp, he got lost and wasn’t sure which way to go!

Sophisticated and luxurious, the camp is encircled by an enormous cliff made of iridescent blue ice. The rooms are elegant and warm, while the main communal areas provide the perfect base for your stay.