As the third largest island on Earth, Borneo is home to vast areas of pristine rainforest and a profusion of unique wildlife. The jungles are simply endless, with long languid rivers winding like arteries through the trees. We venture into the heart of the jungle in search of the ‘old man of the forest’ – the Orangutan.

Famed for being the most intelligent of all the Great Apes, these gentle giants are full of expression and have deeply complex social dynamics. We will see them in their wondrous habitat, far inside the Malaysian rainforest and in raw, untapped nature.


It is an extraordinary feeling to be immersed in an ancient rainforest. The vibrancy of so many living mammals, plants and insects reawakens our connection to nature and Borneo is amongst one of the last truly wild areas that remain on our planet.

Borneo is home to many indigenous communities, each with their own unique traditions and customs. We will learn about their history and way of life, try local cuisine, and witness traditional dances and ceremonies.


The Sukau Rainforest Lodge was top-ranked in National Geographic’s ‘Unique Lodges of the World’. Situated on the banks of the second-longest river in Malaysia, the lodge blends seamlessly with the surrounding jungle making sure you feel connected to nature at all points during your stay.