Utterly isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island still maintains its aura of mystery. The island is pitted with volcanic craters and lush green foliage, while the story of the ancient culture that lived there is no less beguiling. Immense wooden Moais litter the countryside that are feats of engineering and craftmanship in themselves. The proliferation of these totems is incredible, as each new generation of ancient islanders tried to appease their gods and prosper – but ultimately, leading to their own destruction.

Easter Island is a place like nowhere else on earth – and once there, it is impossible not to be swept away by the unique nature of its environment and its bizarre history.


As the most remote inhabited island on Earth, it is impossible not to feel the raw energy of Easter Island. The landscape is wild and adventurous, creating the perfect playground for hiking, mountain biking and diving along pristine shores. For those looking for a lower heart rate, the fascinating history is born out of the island’s people; whose stories will transport you back in time to an era that feels more mythical than true.


The hotel is a luxurious eco-resort inspired by traditional Rapa Nui culture. The building utilizes volcanic rock, wood and traditional textiles throughout. Even the spa is a replica of an ancient Manavai – a stone circle used to protect crops. It is also a place where one feels the power, energy and purity of the earth.