Nowhere says ‘island paradise’ like Kokomo Private Island in Fiji.
The pristine islands are defined by their white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and lush, tropical forests. Every element affects a feeling of serenity and relaxation and this is only heightened by the natural warmth of the people, whom, very quickly, make you feel like part of the family. In our great journey around the world, this is a location to entirely relax.


Fiji is the definition of tropical island luxury, which creates a feeling of unscripted ease and relaxation. The natural beauty surrounding the lodge ensures that there is an incredible playground of activities and sights to see. Whether you want to be relaxed and enjoy a spa day, or spend the day on a wild adventure, deep-sea fishing, Kokomo has it all.


Kokomo Private Island is only accessible by private plane, ensuring a secluded and exclusive experience. The resort features villas and residences that are beautifully designed with privacy, comfort and relaxation in mind. Each residence offers stunning views of either the ocean or lush, tropical gardens.