At the southern-most tip of Africa, the “Mother City” is sophisticated and welcoming. Table Mountain dominates the skyline, while white sand beaches encircle the city bowl, allowing you to access nature in just a few minutes’ drive.

If you wish to relax, the hotels are modern and elegant, while the dining and vineyards are world-class. There is also sport, adventure and escape – even on the city doorstep. It is not hard to understand why Cape Town is such an incredibly popular tourist destination.

While there is so much to do in the Mother City, our focus will be preparing for our journey even further South – Antarctica.


With its huge mountain, colliding oceans and African culture, Cape Town has an energy all of its own. It fuses the sophistication of the first world with raw natural beauty and relaxed African charm that makes it the go-to destination for many of the world’s elite travellers.

As you sit on the warm beach and gaze across the ocean, very soon, you will be one of very few who have ever headed South from Cape Town!


The One & Only Cape Town sits in the centre of the city’s Waterfront. Built on waterways and with an exceptional spa and pool area in the central island, you will have access to every luxury and truly exceptional cuisine.